Starting in the mid 1800's industrial technology started booming and our planets environment started down the path to destruction! Now its to what many people fear is the point of no return because the truth is everywhere we turn the chemical pollution is horrible and still getting worse! Our air, water soil and oceans are loaded with toxic chemicals that include a variety of heavy metals that include Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, Uranium and Barium.

Avoiding these heavy metals without taking certain measures are pretty much impossible because they are everywhere we turn and coming into our bodies by the way of absorption through our skin and inhalation into our lungs. Most of all these toxic heavy metals are loading up in our bodies by simply eating our everyday food which is contaminated all the way through the food chain to end up in our bodies where it sits and accumulates to cause damage to our immune, digestive and nervous systems that cause chronic illness and multiple disease's.

Our fish are loaded with so much mercury and other chemicals that the medical experts are now telling pregnant women not to eat any tuna at all and there are posted signs next to lakes and rivers all over the world telling us how many fish we can safely eat each month before our bodies become toxic enough to make us sick! Coal fired power plants can carry tons and tons of airborne mercury hundreds of miles to end up in what we think are pristine lakes, streams and rivers to contaminate the local fish, wildlife and the people that are eating them! I have personally seen these warning signs next to the beautiful mountain lakes and rivers outside of Durango Colorado.

Chemical fertilizers, fungicides and herbicides that help grow and protect our fruit, grains and vegetables are loaded with toxic heavy metals that travel up into the food and then into our bodies when we eat. And the livestock and poultry we get our meat and milk from are also contaminated with toxic heavy metals because its in the feed they eat.

Other sources of heavy metals include the mercury in our own amalgam silver fillings, lead leaching from older paint and building products that turn into lead dust that we breathe in our homes and businesses. Arsenic and mercury in building materials and pesticides that we spray to kill and control insect infestations in our homes and workplace.

Both children and adults are being contaminated with mercury in the vaccines that are supposed to be keeping them healthy. The mercury in vaccines are added as a preservative to prevent bacteria and fungal growth. The three most common mercury preservatives in vaccines go by the names Thiomersal, Thimerosal and Thermisol. Many people believe that the mercury in vaccines contribute to or can cause autism, Aspergers and ADHD in young children and Alzheimers and Dementia in older adults because the tangles in the brain shown by MRI scans are often very similar.

Removing Toxic Heavy Metals From Our Homes & Workplace

A substantial increase in Autism, Aspergers, Alzheimer's and related conditions are being observed. Chemical outgassing from carpeting and building materials, lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury added into pesticides and other liquids for spraying and in dusts are suspected to be triggering these diseases by poisoning babies, young children and older adults with these heavy metals.

Couples wanting to start family's or already with babies and young children should take important steps to keep their home and indoor air environment extra clean and free of toxic chemicals and heavy metals on top of being careful about allowing vaccinations with mercury preservatives in them. The steps below will allow for a much healthier home and will also help provide dust, allergy and asthma control.

Clean hard surfaces, laundry and dishes only with natural soaps and cleaners.

Vacuum the home or office often with a 100 percent sealed HEPA vacuum cleaner that does not leak dust and bacteria back into the indoor air while vacuuming and vacuum often!

Utilize 100 percent sealed HEPA air purifiers that contain pounds of activated carbon and zeolite in their replaceable pre-filters for chemical absorption in all occupied bedrooms and in any other room(s) that are often occupied in the home.

Replace cheap low quality 5 percent throwaway heating and A/C filters with 80-90 percent efficient permanent washable self-charging electrostatic air filters.

Install a quality water filtration system to drink and cook with in the kitchen or drink filtered bottled water. Also use this clean water to wash your fruits and vegetables extra well to make sure that any pesticides are removed from them.

Use natural pest and weed control products both indoors and outdoors on your property whenever possible. These products work well and they won't poison you, your family and pets.

A great resource website for 100% sealed HEPA vacuum cleaners HEPA air purifiers and air filters with all products being Made In The USA can be found at

Removing Heavy Metals Safely From The Body

There are many remedies on the market both natural and chemical for detoxing heavy metals from the body. The natural detoxes include Chlorella, Pectins, Cilantro and Bentonite Clay, the Chemical detoxes are often EDTA and DMSA. All of these detoxes work and do indeed remove heavy metals from the body. However they all have the same one problem! This problem is while detoxing with all of these products a good amount of the heavy metals will reabsorb back into the body before they are able to be removed all the out of the body! This often results with the person doing the detox feeling sick as if they had the flu which can include cold sweats weakness and digestive problems. The medical field calls this a healing crises or a Herxheimer Reaction. We call this recontaminating yourself with a load of heavy metals all at once to make you feel sick!

Why Zeolite Is The Best Heavy Metal Detox!

The proper type of zeolite to detox with is called Clinoptilolite. This zeolite is micronized into a very fine powdered form so it can penetrate into both the gut digestion system and into the bloodstream to do the best heavy metal detox. Better then all of the other's on the market. The unique way zeolite works to remove these toxins is because only heavy metals are attracted into the honeycomb cage like structure of the zeolite to be locked into the zeolite while it is being carried all the way out from the body to be excreted! None of the heavy metal toxins are released back into the body on the way out! This is a great advantage over the other detox products because with zeolite the person doesn't feel sick! No Herxheimer reaction! Zeolite only targets toxic heavy metals! None of your good minerals are taken and you can take zeolite with or without meals.

BONUS! Taking zeolite has the added ability to help keep your bodies pH in balance by making it a bit more on the alkaline side rather on the acidic side to counteract the acidic foods that must people eat. Its well known that an acidic body is more likely to become sick and diseased.

Choose The Proper Zeolite To Detox With

IMPORTANT----Be advised that all Clinoptilolite zeolite products are not the same!

If you do your research you will find many different brands and types of zeolites on the market being sold for detoxing. Many of these zeolite products are low quality because they are mined for industrial and or agricultural use and not for human consumption even though they are being sold for human use. This is sad but true! These zeolite products mostly have half the Clinoptilolite amount of proper detox zeolite and they are often loaded with mold spores up to 18 times the EPA allowable limits for mineral supplements.

Your Best Choice---We have found that the best Clinoptilolite zeolite on the market comes from a company called Zeo Health located in the USA. Their best selling product is called Zeolite Pure and it is a bone white micronized zeolite powder that is tasteless when mixed with water or juice and it is very easy to take even for people that are very sick. Zeolite Pure has twice the Clinoptilolite then other zeolite products being sold and it is 100 percent mold spore free. The same company also sells the same zeolite in capsule form and that product is called Destroxin. However most people purchase the Zeolite Pure Powder because its less expensive and very easy to take. NOTE that the zeolite from Zeo Health is the only zeolite on the planet that is mined SPECIFICALLY FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

The best website resource for a tremendous amount of accurate zeolite information that includes third party independent lab tests of many different zeolite products and shopping for Zeolite Pure Micronized Powdered Zeolite, Destroxin and other Zeo Health zeolite products at the lowest prices is at



DISCLAIMER--This information has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. The products mentioned are not intended to directly diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking any mineral supplement product.

Best Way To Detox Your Body Of All Heavy Metals
Why Detoxify?

Build-ups of waste
products, acidosis
and heavy metals
can damage our
bodies. Unbalanced
diets, pollution and
food additives can
all cause waste
products and heavy
metals to build up
in our bodies.


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Remove Metals Safely From Your Body With Zeolite
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